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Some of India’s finest beaches are in kerala. The kerala coast is lined with unspoilt sandy beaches and offers perfect setting for a relaxing beach holiday away from the crowds.

The beaches provide ample scope for-Relax in the sun for that sexy “Tan”, frolic in the sand, swim in tropical waters, converse with the local fisherman, buy the fresh catch, take it to the sea side vendor and get the fish cooked for you.In the evening admire the kaleidoscopic view of the sun set,enjoying a romantic candle lit dinner in the many open air sea shore restaurants that dot the beaches.In the night stroll along the beaches with the cool,saline breeze blowing on the coconut groves along the coastal hamlets that brings a whiff of village life.

You will have the oppurtunity to visit the local fishing villages and if you are adventurous enough take a trip to the sea in their fishing boats. Lose your heart to the mesmerizing charm of the tropical beaches such as Kovalam, Varkala, Sanghumukham, Vizhinjam, Alapuzha, Kappadu,
Payyambalam and Bekal.