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Kerala boasts of a long coastline of over 300 kilometers. The tapestry of greenery intertwined by sapphire backwaters, sandy beaches, lagoons, dense tropical forests, hill stations and a delightful rustic life makes Kerala a favourite holiday destination.

Kerala is the southern most state in India and is cocooned between the mighty western Ghats and Arabian sea. The varied landscape of beaches, midland and mountains receives abundant tropical rainfall from the two monsoons and is blessed with unique greenery and flora. Apart from ubiquitous coconut trees, the lush vegetation range from paddy fields in the lowland, palm and rubber tree plantations in the midlands to tea and spice plantations in the high ranges. Kerala is proud of its virgin rainforests, which are home to majestic elephants and tigers.

Kerala is a major producer of spices: cardamom (the queen of spices), pepper (black gold), ginger, clove, cinnamon, vannila, etc. and has attracted overseas traders from the time of king Solomon. When the Europeans started their search for a sea route to India, the first European to land in India arrived at kappadu, a small coastal village near the city of kozhikode.

Through the trade links all the three world religions came to Kerala at the time they were found in the Middle East. The history of Kerala represents a unique success story of peaceful coexistence. Another little known fact is that Kerala had the first elected communist government in the world back in 1957.

Kerala has a rich cultural heritage, with her own art and dance forms, festivals, religious centres, historical monuments, rituals and handicraft .The traditional system of medicine in Kerala called “Ayurveda” ( meaning, science of life) is thousands of years old and is seeing a major resurgence in popularity both nationally and internationally. Many new converts to ayurveda will vouch for its healing and rejuvenating powers.