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The house boats of kerala are a holiday experience like no other.Some parallels may be drawn between them and the Narrow Boats of England.

House boats are purpose built and are modelled on erstwhile cargo boats called Kettuvallams. They are equipped with all modern comforts and safety equipments to make your stay a pleasant and safe experience.

They are about eighty feet in length, and are luxuriously furnished with an open lounge, deck, one or two bath attached bedrooms and a well appointed kitchenette. To complement the traditional way of rowing using large poles, outboard engines are also provided. Every boat is manned by a crew- usually a cook, guide and an oars man.

It takes great skill and meticulousness to construct these giants by trying huge planks of jack wood together. Curiously enough, not a single nail is used in their making. Each house boat design, in corporates eco friendly systems,keeping in mind the delicate nature of the eco system they ply.Solar panels power the ligfhting,air conditioning and refrigeration.Not to pollute the waterways they are fitted with bio toilet systems .


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Traveller Quote

My Trip to Kerala in Peak Summer was really excellent as I had booked my tour with Peacock Holidays. The reason for this was that the Tour was Tailor made and Prices tag was good. We were 6 people reaching cochin on May 24th Morning, we were received by our Tour Driver along with a 12 seater Force Traveller with Push Back and A/C.

We were comfortably accomodated at a 3star hotel for refreshing and proceeded towards Munnar. The tour was good since the vehicle was totally for us and we had the freedom of starting and stopping wherever and whenever we wanted to. The tour rep Mr.Nishad came and met us before starting our journey as well as at the end of our tour. Since the Tour operator is from Kerala, he had better knowledge of the resorts, sightseeing places and food at kerala. Hence it was easy for us to decide what we wanted.

I would opt to go again with the same People for my next visit....
(Mr. Bharathmatluru)

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