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Kerala, meaning “land of coconut trees”, is one of the relatively well kept secrets of all the exotic destinations in the world. However, Kerala’s popularity has increased over recent years. “National Geographic” travel magazine lists Kerala among the fifty must see locations in the world. Not surpirisingly, the State Tourist Department promotes Kerela’s natural beauty, breathtaking lush landscape and tropical beaches as “God’s own country”. The result has been a signifiant influx of tourists and foreign visitors. The Sanskrit saying “athithi devo bhava”(treat your guest like God, meaning with respect and honour) is ingrained in the collective ethos of the people of Kerala.
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Kerala Travel Requirements
Overseas travellers will require a visa. Travellers from Uk can Download Visa application
form at

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Kerala Weather Details
The climate is broadly tropical and humid, moderated by its proximity to the coast. But its mountains which line the interior mean a larger variety of climate...
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Getting to Kerala
Kerala is well connected to the rest of the world and has three international and domestic airports and a seaport. From Uk,numerous major carriers have flights from Heathrow...
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