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Kerala offers a unique network of lagoons, lakes canals and estuaries
and deltas of rivers. The backwaters of Kerala is a self supporting eco-system teeming with aquatic life.

The backwaters vary in dimension from arrow streams to wide lakes. The main towns and cities around the network of backwaters are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Quilon and Cochin.

Life on the backwaters is different, water being the key to everything. On the banks are lush green rice fields spreading into the distance and coconut groves with scattered temples or churches. People living on the banks depend on various types of boats (vallams, in local language, Malayalam) ,which are specially designed to meet the purpose for which they are used. The "vallams" vary from small narrow boats called "kothumbu vallam" which can accommodate one to two person, used for commuting, to large "ketuvallams" which can carry a payload of up to 30 tonnes.

New resorts are being built, keeping in mind the delicate ecosystem around. The government and the Tourism entrepreneurs are keen to develop facilities for, increasing number of visitors with little damage to the environment.

The best way to enjoy the backwater are house boats (specially modified Kettuvallams). Take a cruise in a house boat to absorb the serene beauty ,the calmness ,the fresh air,the tranquility and watch the life drifting by ever so slowly. Indulge in an experience of the life time!!

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Traveller Quote

My Trip to Kerala in Peak Summer was really excellent as I had booked my tour with Peacock Holidays. The reason for this was that the Tour was Tailor made and Prices tag was good. We were 6 people reaching cochin on May 24th Morning, we were received by our Tour Driver along with a 12 seater Force Traveller with Push Back and A/C.

We were comfortably accomodated at a 3star hotel for refreshing and proceeded towards Munnar. The tour was good since the vehicle was totally for us and we had the freedom of starting and stopping wherever and whenever we wanted to. The tour rep Mr.Nishad came and met us before starting our journey as well as at the end of our tour. Since the Tour operator is from Kerala, he had better knowledge of the resorts, sightseeing places and food at kerala. Hence it was easy for us to decide what we wanted.

I would opt to go again with the same People for my next visit....
(Mr. Bharathmatluru)

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